System Humanity

180 SEK

System Humanity is an unusual book,
a little book with a large content
concentrated into few words, richly
illustrated and spiced with aphorisms.
It’s a popular science narrative
packed in an artful, literary form.
Confusing? Yes. Delightful. Yes.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into
any category and the concentration
of major concepts doesn’t sooth
the confusion.
The most accurate description claims
that the entire book is an unacademic
extravagant abstract of a
scientific thesis.
Unless you are a true philosopher,
(a whore for knowledge), a collector of
exotic literary/scientific works or
a gambler betting on the giga-success
of the upcoming conventional thesis
that this book heralds, you would
be wise to avoid this book even if
the photos alone justify the price.
Soft cover, 150 x 210, 54 pages